Gânduri și trăiri

To all the women out there…

To all the women out there…

May your day be as beautiful as you are and remember that you must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.

Be fierce! Be strong! Be brave! Be YOU!

Smile often and be grateful!

Have a NICE DAY and don’t forget to enjoy every moment of your life! You are amazing!


Almost forgot. Thought you might be interested in my outfit so I have a “gift” for you. Received some clothes from NAKD and I really, really like them.

You can use my code to have a 20% off on your order: gianina20ro.

1st outfit

Skirt: https://www.na-kd.com/en/na-kd-trend/side-poppers-mini-skirt-black


2nd outfit

Hoodie: https://www.na-kd.com/en/na-kd-basic/basic-hoodie-orange

Culottes: Terranova

Socks: h&m men

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