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My healthy eating strategy

RO:Eu mananc sanatos. De ce? Pentru ca imi place sa-i ofer corpului meu nutrienti, nu calorii goale. Pentru ca sincer, imi place sa arat bine si-mi place sa ma laud cu abdomenul meu pe instagram (haha). Pentru ca, da, abdomenul se face in bucatarie. Si pentru ca sunt atat de pasionata de acest stil de viata, vreau sa-ti povestesc putin despre cum decurge o saptamana de-a mea.

EN:I eat healthy. Why? Because I like to give my body all the nutrients to function properly, not just empty calories. Because, honestly, I like to see a good looking body when I look in the mirror. And, of course I just love to show off with my abs on Instagram. And if you haven’t heard, abs are made in the kitchen. And because I’m so passionate about thist lifestyle I decided to tell you about my eating habits.

RO:Nu mananc sanatos 7 zile din 7 si nici nu sunt un nutritionist care iti poate spune exact ce sa faci si cum sa faci (inca). Dar pana la urma, sa mananci sanatos nu poate fi ceva rau. Mereu incerc sa gasesc un echilibru si sa nu cad in vre-o extrema. Ce-i mult strica. De aceea nu am ajuns sa fiu vreo vegana obsedata, dar nici o obeza care mananca fast-food in fiecare zi. Si ma bucur ca mi-am gasit echilibrul de a manca 5 zile sanatos si celelalte 2 semi-sanatos.

EN: I don’t eat healthy 7 days a week and I’m not a nutritionist who can tell you what to do and how to do this (yet). But after all, eating healthy isn’t something bad. I always wanted to find a balance in my nutrition. Too much of everything is bad for you. That’s why I’m not an obsessed vegan but neither an obese girl eating fast-food all day, everyday. I’m glad I found my balance and that’s why 5 days a week I eat healthy and 2 I eat semi-healthy.

RO:Deci cum arata saptamana mea?

De luni pana vineri mananc sanatos si mi-am gasit si un “plan alimentar” care mi se potriveste perfect: ciclizarea carbohidratilor. Eu una am o problema: nu pot sta departe de carbohidrati. Motivul? Carbohidratii imi ofera energia necesara, iar 2 zile fara carbohidrati ma duc in extrema poftelor. DE DULCE. In caz ca te lovesti de aceeasi problema, fii atent la consumul de carbohidrati. Insa atentie, nu tot timpul ei sunt problema cand vine vorba de poftele tale. Despre cum functioneaza ciclizarea carbohidratilor poti citi mai multe AICI.

EN: So how does my week look like?

From Monday to Friday I eat healthy and I found a “nutrition plan” which fits my need perfectly: carb cycle. I personally have a problem: I can’t stay away from carbs. The reason? Carbohydrates offer me the energy I need and 2 days with no carbs make me crave sweets. If you have the same problem, just have a look at you carb intake. But keep in mind that carbohydrates are not always the cause for your sweet cravings. If you want to read about how carb cycle function have a look at THIS BLOG POST.

RO: Ce se intampla in weekend?

Dupa cum spuneam, weekendul e pentru dezmat. Dar nu acel fel de dezmat dus la extrem. Incerc sa mananc cat de sanatos pot, dar ma si bucur de micile placeri: un burger, paste, pizza, dulciuri (pe care incerc sa le reduc la minimum). Incerc sa nu exagerez pentru a nu strica tot ce am “cladit” in cele 5 zile de mancat santos.

EN: So what happens on weekends?

Long story short, the weekends are for eating whatever I want. However, I still try to eat healthy but I also enjoy some cheat meals: a burger, pasta, a pizza or sweets. I try not to exaggerate because I don’t want to destroy everything I’ve “built” during the week. And as I said, too much of everything is bad for you.

RO: Daca e greu sa mananci sanatos? Sincer, da! Inceputul! Dar dupa ce incepi sa intelegi ca e un stil de viata, nu o dieta, nu o restrictie, incepi sa te bucuri cu adevarat. Poate de multe ori nu reusesti sa mananci sanatos pentru ca incerci prea tare iar tot ceea ce faci se rezuma la asta. Ei bine, daca treci de aceasta “faza” vei reusi cu adevarat sa te bucuri de acest stil de viata. Cauta sa existe un echilibru in alimentatia ta pentru a nu simti acest stil de viata ca pe o dieta. Cauta sa te bucuri de mancarea sanatoasa cum te bucuri si de cea nesanatoasa. Iar din punctul meu de vedere, acest “plan” alimentar 5-2 este unul perfect. De ce? Pentru ca pe timpul saptamanii suntem mai organizati si reusim sa mancam la ore fixe, reusim sa ne tinem de un program anume care ne poate ajuta sa mancam mai sanatos.

EN: Is it hard to eat healthy? Of course! Especially at the beginning. But after you understand that this is a lifestyle, not a diet, not some restriction, you start to enjoy this kind of food. Maybe you’ve tried many time to eat healthy before and you’ve failed. You know why? Because you tried to hard. Actually, if you get over this “trying to hard” thing, you’ll manage to see that this is a lifestyle and you don’t have to try too hard. Just focus on finding a balance so you won’t see this lifestyle as a diet. Love healthy food as much as the unhealthy one. And from my point of view, this strategy, with 5 days healthy and 2 semi-healthy it’s perfect! WHY? Because it’s easier to eat healthy during the week, when we are more organized and we stick to a schedule.

RO: De 4 ani de cand mi-am descoperit pasiunea pentru mancarea sanatoasa, pot spune ca am experimentat si diferite diete, am incercat sa mananc sanatos si mai mult de 5 zile la rand. Dar la un moment dat, ca un om normal, cedezi psihic. Asadar, am ales sa am grija atat de corpul meu prin a manca sanatos, dar si de psihicul meu. Atata timp cat reusesc sa mananc sanatos 80% din timpul existent intr-o saptamana, sunt multumita si stiu ca nu-mi voi face rau.

EN: I discovered my passion of eating healthy 4 years ago and since then I’ve tried different kind of diets, I’ve even tried to eat healthy more than a week. But we have to remind ourselves that we are human beings and our mental health is important too.That’s why diets are bad for you! They drive you insane! So as long as I eat healthy 80%of the time(of a week), I’m happy and I know I’m not sabotaging myself.

Sper sa intelegi ca un stil de viata sanatos nu este despre o dieta anume, este despre a-ti gasi echilibrul si a sti sa te bucuri de mancarea sanatoasa!

I hope you understand that a healthy lifestyle isn’t about diets, it’s about finding your balance and knowing how to enjoy healthy food!

PS. Calories don’t count on the weekend:)).




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